About Me

Jason Van Steenbergen

How I Found My Passion

In the summer of 2020, I found myself at a picturesque church down the street from my home in Simsbury, CT. It was there that I discovered my passion for photography, when my older sister let me take a picture with her DSLR. I then compared the camera image to the one taken on my iPhone and realized how much more true to life a genuine camera captures images. I immediately fell in love with it — the feel of the camera in my hands, the quality of images I was able to capture, the stories I was able to begin to share. For the entirety of that summer, my sister let me continue to take photos using that DSLR before I decided to save up for my own camera, kickstarting my career journey in photography and later film.

Developing My Craft

Throughout the rest of my high school career, my camera never left my side. I joined the high school’s yearbook club as one of the official photographers, capturing key moments and spotlights throughout the year of my classmates during sporting events and dances. I developed an identity as the school’s photographer, boosting my confidence in who I was and my capabilities behind the camera in ways I never imagined for myself. I felt prouder than ever in what I was able to capture with the camera and in the connections I made through photography.

Client photo
JasonXVisuals Photography

Becoming a Car Photographer

After graduating high school, I traveled to California for the summer, making more connections with my photography and videography. It was there that I did my first collaboration for the shoe brand Major Waves, creating a promo video for an upcoming event they were holding. It was also there in Los Angeles that my love of car photography and videography sparked. Upon moving to Utah, this interest grew as I attended car events and made connections in the car community in Salt Lake City. My passion for cars and using photo and video to promote them led into a real path toward a career. I am constantly inspired by the cars and the people in these communities to develop my craft and provide them with stellar content. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people I’ve met while doing what I love.